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Size: The majority of train locomotives in Romania originated at the Electroputere workshops in Craiova.

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Inthe treaty of peace which ended the Balkan War, treaty known in history as The Peace from Craiova, was signed here. The bans had the right of coining money stamped with their own effigies, hence the name of bani centimes in Romanian language.

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Landmarks The city hosts a great number of religious buildings, many of them dating back to medieval times. The Church of Cosuna Monastery for example is the oldest building preserved in Craiova, dating from the 15th century.


You can spend a relaxing dating on- line craiova visiting the monastery, located only 2. Another religious site, Madona Dudu Church, is renowned for its mural paintings, completed by the famous Romanian tattoo dating site uk Gheorghe Tattarescu — For those who want to find out more about the history and the traditions of this region we recommend a visit to the Oltenia Museum, housed in Baniei Housethe oldest non-religious building that exists in Craiova and one of the oldest lay buildings in the dating on- line craiova.

Art lovers should definitely not miss the Art Museum in Craiova, hosted in the Dinu Mihail Palace, built in the dating on- line craiova s in neo-classic style by a French architect.

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The Museum exhibits valuable masterpieces created by famous Romanian painters, among them Craiova-born Theodor Aman - and Nicolae Grigorescu — One of its main attractions is the section dedicated to Constantin Brancusi, comprising six of his early sculptures. At the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century, Craiova's architecture underwent a transformation with the creation of the Brancovenesti style, a combination of Romanian traditional art, Byzantine and Venetian elements.

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The Jitianu Monk Monastery, located 4. For those interested in enjoying a relaxing afternoon outside, the Nicolae Romanescu Park, is a veritable green oasis.

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The park is one of the valuable monuments of landscape architecture in Romania. The plans for the park, designed by French architect Emile Rendont, were awarded the gold medal at the World Fair. Through the initiative of Nicolae P. Romanescu, then mayor of Craiova, work on the park began in and was completed in For the ones who want to experience the nature more scientifically, a stop at the Botanical Garden would be the best choice.

Museums Address: Str. The main attraction of the museum is the art gallery dedicated to Romanian-born Constantin Brancusi, exhibiting six of his early sculptures including variants of his best-known works : The KissVitelliusWoman TorsoThe VaingloryBoy's HeadMiss Pogany Brancusi's 'studio' has been recreated in the museum.

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Madona Dudu 44 Tel: Great care has been taken in presenting, in full detail, the traditional trades and occupations of peasants in Oltenia, starting with hunting, fishing or gathering and ending with raising cattle, working the fields, harvesting the crops, dating on- line craiova the continuity of the locals.

The museum exhibits wooden carvings and ceramics, a large collection of jars, bowls of all kinds, plates, carpets in the style and manner used in Oltenita as well as fascinating folk costumes from Oltenita.

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Day Trips Where: 74 miles northwest of Craiova Access: car, bus, train www. This former market town is closely associated with Constantin Brancusi, considered by many to be the father of modern sculpture. A masterpiece of the Brancovenesti style and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Horezu is renowned for the richness of its sculptural detail, the treatment of its religious compositions and its painted decorative works.

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The monastery houses precious collections of frescoes and icons dating from the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century. The nearby village of Horezu is home to one of the biggest pottery centres in Romania.

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Nearly a century ago, local nuns taught the villagers how to make and paint pottery, and ever since, people have come from far and wide to get their hands on Horezu's ceramic. Curtea de Arges Where: 98 miles northeast of Craiova Access: car, train with connection in Pitesti Fifty miles east of Horezu you can visit another stunning architectural gem: the 16th century Curtea de Arges Monastery Manastirea Curtea de Argesa fine example of Byzantine architectural style, with Moorish arabesques.

Learn about the sad legend of Manole as you take in its beauty.

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Romania's kings and queens are buried here. City Essentials.