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    sus dating apps europe

    Not only that it will make Europe more credible and flexible on the world stage and will save significant amounts of money, but it will also show that the 27 states are united and determined to work together on all matters.

    I think that politicians should stop beating around the bush in the fear of losing political points and should iniciate a high level debate among military representatives of the member states instead, which will set the road to a common army.

    sus dating apps europe

    In my opinion, the creation of the Sus dating apps europe army does not require any large structural changes in the short term. Some work on this has already been done.

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    Several PESCO projects are already underway and the integration goes ahead with various initiatives such as Battlegroups.

    While taking these concrete and small steps in all areas, we need to symbolically unite the 27 armies to ensure that our common values will be sus dating apps europe and Europe will remain a continent of peace and prosperity.

    The inner structure of individual armies can be preserved.

    sus dating apps europe

    The command, however, needs to be formally united and democratic control mechanisms put in place. All decisions regarding the European army could be made by EU Council of defence ministers or the approved by the Europarliament.

    sus dating apps europe