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When Gia and Tyler confess that they're having sex but not using protection, she engages them in a discussion of proper condom usage that proves that they know nothing.

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Apriloneil knows that she needs to show them how a condom works! A brief demonstration leaves Gia and Tyler feeling like they can definitely handle using protection in the future, but it also leaves them both turned on.

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When Apriloneil suggests that they practice putting a condom on with Tyler as the test subject, both of her students agree. Once Tyler's cock is sheathed, they decide that Gia needs to get naked and fuck him so that they can both see what it feels like.

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With a shy smile, she peels off her clothes and climbs onto Tyler's fuck stick. Practically before they know it, they're going to town fucking while Apriloneil watches and gets hornier by the moment.

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Slipping out of her clothes, Apriloneil prepares to join in on the fun. Soon she's naked with her big boobs swinging in the air and helping Gia increase her pleasure through any means necessary.

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It's not long before Gia is moaning her climax, a spike in ecstasy that is short lived when Apriloneil suggests that tall girl datând omul scurt try out other positions. Now that all three of them are engaged in this pleasurable threesome, they hold nothing back. Soon Apriloneil and Gia are taking turns having Tyler pound their greedy twats while they eat out the other's pussy.

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Using her greater expertise, Apriloneil guides them through plenty of orgasmic positions before Tyler can't take it with the condom anymore. Knowing that their fun is winding down, student and teacher get down on their knees and suck Tyler off until he explodes all over Apriloneil's waiting big titties, leaving a mess that Gia is isotope dating rocks to lick up.

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  • Zendaya ideas in | zendaya coleman, păr lung și creț, narnia
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