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    Öffentliche Gruppe De la cazare pana la distractii aici puteti posta orice cu conditia ca postarile sa fie decente! Öffentliche Gruppe 7.

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    Am speranta ca si cazurile sociale si mai întotdeauna dating sunny dating sociale dar cu bun simt si respect vor fi auzite si ajutate pe cat posibil Acest grup nu are reguli,doar respectul reciproc mardan dating bunul simt al cetatenilor acestui oras minunat Öffentliche Gruppe From the 9th întotdeauna dating sunny dating it was known by the Turks as Pangalia, by the Romanians as Tomisovara, and by the Greeks as Panglicara, and it was one of the most important ports on the west coast of the Black Sea.

    Mangalia is the oldest continuously inhabited city on the present territory of Romania. The Scythian tomb discovered in where archaeologists unearthed fragments of a papyrus in Greek, the first document of this kind in Romania; the incineration tombs the necropolis of the Callatis citadel, dating back to the 4th-2nd centuries BC ; the ruins of the Callatis citadel 6th century BC ; the Turkish Mangalia Mosque 16th century ; the Archaeology Museum which shelters a rich collection of amphorae and sculptures from the Hellenistic epoch, fragments of stone sarcophag.

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    Mangalia is one of the southernmost resorts on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea. Mangalia is characterized by a moderate maritime climate annual average temperature 11 °C 52 °F - one of the highest in Romania with hot summers July average over 21 °C 70 °F and mild winters January average 1 °C 34 °FMangalia being the country's second place, after Băile Herculane, with positive average temperatures in wintertime.

    Spring comes early but is cool and autumn is long and warm.

    I don't believe in wasting time.

    In summer, cloudiness is reduced about 25 sunny days in a month and the duration of sunshine is of 10—12 hours a day. Annual precipitation is low about mm 16 in. The sea breeze is stronger in summer. The natural cure factors are the water of the Black Sea, întotdeauna dating sunny dating is chlorided, sulphated, sodic, magnesian, hypotonic mineralization The resort has a large, fine-sand beach developed for purposes of aeroheliotherapy and wave therapy, as well as high seawalls with a specific microclimate where one may benefit from inhalations of saline aerosols having therapeutic effects.

    Source: Wikipedia.