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Zircon rock dating

Ioan Coriolan Balintoni - project manager Asist Dr. Constantin Balica - senior researcher Prof.

Jeff Marsh - Beyond Zircon: U-Th-Pb \u0026 trace element systematics of monazite \u0026 xenotime

Vlad Codrea - senior researcher PhD stud. Cosmin Stremtan - young researcher Major achievements of the project: Scientific achievements Provenance of the Carpathian basement a- East Carpathians Bretila, Tulghes, Negrisoara and Rebra terranes had been specified; East-African Gondwanan provenance is infered for these terranes; since these terrane proved not to be of Cadomian affinity, a new class zircon rock dating terranes - Carpathian terranes - has been defined.

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These had been generated during an Ordovician orogenic event that affected North Africa; b- South Carpathians Avalonian extra Cadomian provenance of the Dragsan terrane; Ganderian peri-Amazonian provenance of the Lainici-Paius terrane; presence of Cadomian post Ma - i. One group, formed by Agighiol granite, gave ages around Ma, while the second group, more consistent, represented by Greci, Pricopan, Vacareni and Coslugea plutons as well as Iacobdeal alcaline granite and Iglicioara Rhyolites were emplaced around Ma.

Its basement i.

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Ovidiu Group, intercepted by Palazu drill has been proven as the first Archaean 2. Todireni and Batranesti drills gave zircons zircon rock dating 2.

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